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Rugby Saturdays

Another Saturday afternoon, another rugby match. Only a few more games, then my weekends will shift from rugby to Pacific Islander festivals.

Female friendships that work are relationships in which women help each other to belong to themselves." - Louise Bernikow 

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david tennant’s expressions appreciation post part ii

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"I’ve called Cain up to talk about this shift, because it seems like it’s a problem especially for women, like the modern Western world is suddenly having trouble reconciling that a strong woman can also be an introverted one. (As Cain puts it, “In our efforts to instill confidence in young women, are we promoting an ideal of sassy outspokenness that’s just as confining as the 1950s model of docility?”) We need middle ground—to appreciate both extroverts and introverts for what they each bring to academia, business, everything. Instead, we’re championing a one-note image of female strength and leadership, as if being like Beyoncé, Sheryl Sandberg, or any other quintessential extrovert is the only way to be a female and to be successful. In the process, we’re pushing introverted women to ape behavior that’s unnatural to them, like that’s what they need to do to get ahead, and to question if something is “wrong” with them for being more of a think first, speak after type."

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Whale tails

This evening I stood in the surf and watched a whale kick its tail just offshore. A couple of spouts preceded the tail, but the glare from the low sun quickly made it impossible to follow along. A lovely special treat.



if you are polynesian and you meet a polynesian there is an 80% chance they are related to you 

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This is such harsh advice until you realize it’s the truth

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